Jamie Rompf

WRT Intern

Kia ora!

My name is Jamie and I am 19 years old. I finished vocational college and my training as a technical design assistant this year.

I love diving, traveling, nature, learning about new cultures and getting to know more people and that's the reason, why I decided to do an internship in New Zealand.

I am glad to be a part of the WRT. They give me the chance to improve my Design Skills, learn more about the environment, composting and community. At the same time I have the opportunity to explore the beauty of New Zealand, especially Waiheke Island and to bring a lot of beautiful memories home with me.

I am happy to help the WRT in some of their projects and to spread out the message behind this company.

My time at the WRT was amazing. I will bring a lot of beautiful and funny moments home with me. The WRT takes so much care about their interns and put a lot of effort in every project. I learned more about the environment, how to take care of it and improved my skills. They made me feel so welcome from day one, had trust in all the things I did and were always there for me, no matter what. This is a beautiful place to work and I hope I have the chance to come back one time and see how much they grew.

Thanks for making my time here so special!