Kai Conscious Cafe

Every Friday from 11am - 3pm.

Kai Conscious

Kai Conscious Cafe is one of our tastiest projects as it’s all about FOOD!

We have partnered up with nine amazing businesses: Franco’s la Panciteria, Hot Shot Cafe, Foursquare, Countdown, Sophia’s Gourmet Food, The Organic Shop, Fenice Restaurant, The Budgeting Service and Gulf Foods that chose to donate their less desirable food to our FREE community cafe. We host a free lunch every Friday from 11 AM-3 PM. Anyone and everyone is invited to help us cook up a feast. Our dedicated ‘no-waste’ chef, Kathy Voyles, teaches new recipes and guides people in their cooking.

Food Act

Your safety is in our hands, to provide the highest level of safety and best practice in our kitchen, we follow the NZ Food Act as a guideline; however, the Food Act does not apply to us as we don't ever sell food at the Kai Conscious Cafe.

As part of our ethos we don't accept meat donations, to make sure there is no risk of contamination, but we are happy to relocate any donations to a good home.

Once a business has donated food to us they are no longer liable for what happens to it.

We are following the 3 Cs to keep us safe from bugs in food and to reduce the chances of food poisoning.


3 Cs

(1) Cleaning

Hands need to be cleaned before you are allowed to work/cook in the kitchen.

The cooking area and tools need to be cleaned immediately after usage.

(2) Chill

The fridge is always between 2-5 degrees to make sure no harmful bacteria can grow.

(3) Cook

The food is cooked thoroughly to make sure all harmful bacteria get killed.

At the Kai Conscious Cafe we get donated a huge amount of eggs each week, and although we utilise a lot in our cooking we also encourage everyone to take some to use at home. These eggs are often just passed their sell by date but can be used for baking and hard boiling. We have a great tip for checking if they are still safe to use:

  • Place the unbroken eggs in a bowl of cold water
  • If they float to the top they are past it so smash them and put them into your bokashi composter
  • If they stay at the bottom of the bowl they are good to use
  • If they are still touching the bottom but are standing upright it means they are around three weeks old

We suggest you use these donated eggs for souffles, frittatas, chiffon cakes, banana bread, and muffins.



We accept donations in any form, whether it be helping prepare the meal beforehand, cleaning up afterwards, monetary donations, or food donations.

100% of the donations will go to Kai Conscious Cafe.


Huge thank you to the following business who contribute donations every week!

Gulf foods
four square
Farm stall waiheke
And you
guardians of the gulf
guardians of the gulf2
guardians of the gulf3

Check it out! We have a campaign for Kai Conscious Cafe on Guardians on the Gulf website.

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