Sustainability Centre Solar Panels

Here at the WRT we are working towards greater sustainability on Waiheke Island, and to further that we want to make our Sustainability Centre truly sustainable, by providing some amazing sustainably-powered services to Waiheke.

The main aim is to install some solar panels at the Sustainability Centre so that we can get off grid and be self-sufficient and reduce our impact on the environment through energy savings. We would also like to set up an electric bike charging station here in Oneroa, and potentially set up a solar powered car.

These installments will not only help make the centre more sustainable, but will also be leading the way with renewable power sources within the community on Waiheke.


In order to achieve this goal, a fund raiser event was held for WRT’s 20th Birthday in November 2017. Thanks to the success of the event, as well as a Give a Little funding page, and the generosity of the community, a total of $5,000 was raised which WRT then matched, giving a grand total of $10,000 to go towards funding solar panels!

What's next?

WRT has put the project out to tender to local businesses, as well as the wider Auckland solar panel business community, to find those best suited to install solar panels here at the Waiheke Sustainability Centre. So in the near future the centre will be run by solar power!

Sustainability centre