About us

We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we have, and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all

The Waiheke Resources Trust

Creating a great place to live

The WRT was established in 1998. At that time our focus was waste minimisation, as well as improved environmental outcomes and community economic development. In 2010 we broadened our aims to include other important aspects of sustainable living:

  • biodiversity
  • energy
  • food resilience
  • transport
  • waste
  • water

Our organisation's underpinning concept is the importance of a healthy and thriving environment. Such an environment allows a community to flourish, and within that community a strong economy can exist. We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we already have, and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all.

The WRT has been a NZ Registered Charity since 30 June 2008. Registration number CC34108.

You can read WRT's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan here.

WRT is based at the Sustainability Centre

Our Vision

A sustainable future for all

Waiheke’s diverse community is connected, empowered, skilled and supported to actively protect and enhance the natural and social fabric of our island and the planet for future generations.

Our Mission

A sustainable community in action

We are a hub providing the Waiheke community, and people visiting our shores, with inspiration, exemplars, guidance, skills and opportunities to treasure and actively nurture the island’s natural environments.

What We Do

Sustainably connect, support, inspire, regenerate

We deliver projects with the aim to build a resilient and sustainable community, working with individuals, households, businesses, schools and community groups.

  • Beach Ambassadors — Sharing local knowledge and waste education to visitors on our beaches during the busy summer season
  • Compost Collective — Reducing waste to landfill and building healthy soils by offering free home composting education and advice
  • Internship Programme — hosting international interns, teaching them practical skills and enriching their learning experiences
  • Kai Conscious — Food waste reduction project actively diverting food from landfill into hungry bellies
  • Love Our Wetlands Waiheke — Restoring our rich natural resources, our wetlands
  • Marine Education Initiative — engaging with primary, intermediate and high school students to develop student-led action to restore and protect the marine environment.
  • Project Little Oneroa — Working together to reduce the pollution in the Little Oneroa Stream
  • The Compost Co. — Collecting food scraps and compostable packaging from local businesses and transforming them into a living, nutritious compost.
  • Zero Waste Events — Supporting Waiheke's hospitality and events industry to reduce their environmental impact

Our Objectives

Supporting sustainable practice

The aims of the Waiheke Resources Trust are to:

  1. Undertake projects and programmes which maximise sustainable practice on Waiheke.
  2. Provide the Waiheke community with information, inspiration, innovation, exemplars and education to make ethical, effective and powerful decisions in respect of sustainability.
  3. Undertake and generate community development initiatives, including community activism, on Waiheke for the benefit of people and our environment.
  4. Provide training and assist people on Waiheke to gain knowledge and skills in sustainable practice.
  5. Develop a model for small communities in sustainable practice.
  6. Promote, support and connect sustainability networks.
  7. Undertake and support study and research in sustainability and, where appropriate, to
    publish the results.
  8. Provide a working environment that fosters cohesiveness, belonging, innovation, upskilling, and fun.

Our Funding

WRT is a not-for-profit organisation

Our funding supports our local community. WRT partners with sustainable funding agencies through a continually expanding base of funding.

All profits we make go back into our projects to improve our engagements. Thank you to our generous funders, sponsors and people just like you for supporting our project and our vision for a sustainable future.