Free Waste Educator Training Day!

Last year we ran some really excellent and successful workshops. One of these events was our Free Waste Educator training day, which ran on the 10th of November for anyone who wanted to learn more about volunteering at the Zero Waste Ostend Market and other Zero Waste events around the island. Our goal was to […]

demonstration garden 11.12.20

A Big Kai Gardens Thank You

We are wrapping up our first season of the Kai Gardens project as the summer grows ever hotter – there’s certainly no need for a greenhouse now! We still have a few more seedlings that need to find new homes, but it has been a fantastic pilot, and there are some thanks due before we […]

seedling table

Summer Seedlings Doing Well!

It’s only getting hotter, and as we head full swing into the heights of summer, it’s time to plant your tomatoes! Our Kai Gardens volunteers have been hard at work, and we now have a lovely range of heirloom toms, cucumber, cabbage, sorrel, celery, spinach, kale, kamo kamo and tomatillo ready to plant! We also […]


Seedlings for Sale!

Our Kai Gardens volunteers have been doing some amazing mahi this past month, and the greenhouse is doing wonders for our seedlings! Plenty of seedlings are ready to go out into people’s gardens – kale, pak choy, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, sorrel, cabbage – with more varieties like fennel, coriander and tomatillos soon to come! The […]


Seed Transplanting with Eddie Welsh

Here’s the follow-up to Eddie’s seed sowing tutorial – what to do with your seedlings once they’ve sprouted! This is the time to be growing your seedlings and sowing them for the summer months. Eddie demonstrates a couple of ways to transplant your seedlings, and explains how it works on a commercial level for those […]