Britta Bäker

WRT Intern

My name is Britta Bäker and I‘m from Germany where I am studying Biology and Latin to become a teacher. For the university I need to do an internship of four weeks. I wanted to combine work with traveling and New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries I know. With mountains, fields and good weather (in Germany we‘re having winter right now) its a great holiday destination. I‘m really glad to be part of WRT.


So I am one if the many interns at WRT. The reason why a lot of people want to do an intership at WRT is simple. Here is a great team which supports all the interns all the time and gives a lot of opportunities. We can join every project like a Zero Waste event at the weekend, learn about their office skills and improve our kitchen techniques at Kai Conscious Cafe or while preparing nibbles for any educational movie nights.

My internship here at WRT just began and also ends in a few days. Four weeks is short but I’m so thankful that they make a great experience possible even in such a short time. My work is so various and not a ‚boring‘ office job. Every week I am part of the Kai Conscious, visit the 100% Inorganic Shop drive with other Volunteers to the Wetlands. While doing this I can enjoy beautiful views, kind people and my work.

Big thanks to the team for their joy, patient and skills they showed me.