Bulk and refill station

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Somewhere in the depths of your property lies a very important, and often over-looked, part of your home – your septic system.

The ecostore refill station, located at the Sustainability Centre in Oneroa, was set up as a part of Project Little Oneroa with the aim to make septic safe products more available to the community. You may be surprised to know that most of the products sold at the supermarket can actually harm the microorganisms in your septic tank. ecostore has had their products independently tested to make sure you can use them if you have a septic tank or greywater system. Their products carry the Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certifications and are cruelty, GE child labour free. LOVE THAT!


Set up as a social enterprise the Waiheke ecostore refill station is not about making profit. We try our hardest to make our prices the cheapest in town so making a change to environmentally safe household and personal products is easy.

Another added bonus that we LOVE so much about the refill station is being able to reduce plastic usage. A plastic bottle will last forever so why not use it for that long! Simply bring back your used bottle and we will refill it for you and give you a super great discount too!

AND because we are all about trying to find solutions to the pollutions (see what we did there) in Little Oneroa Stream we offer all Little Oneroa catchment residents a further 15% on refills.

We are all on a journey to living more sustainably, ecostore is defiantly helping us get there.