Bulk and Refill station

We refill containers of all sizes

Open: Monday - Friday  9am - 4pm

We are here

Sustainability Centre, Mako Street, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, Auckland, 1081

Our Role

Having been set up as a social enterprise the Waiheke ecostore refill station is not about making profit. We try our hardest to make our prices the cheapest in town so making the transition to environmentally safe household and personal products is easy.

Another added bonus that we LOVE about the refill station is being able to reduce our plastic usage. A plastic bottle will last forever so why not use it for that long! Simply bring back your used bottle and we will refill it for you and give you a super great discount too! We refill bottles of all types and sizes.

We are all on a journey to living more sustainably and ecostore is definitely helping us get there.

Plastic Return Programme

We have partnered up with Ecostore as part of their plastic return programme! You can drop in your used Ecostore containers to the sustainability centre and we send them back to Ecostore to contribute to the closed-loop recycling system where they are remade into new Ecostore bottles.

If you are no longer using your ecostore bottles, this is an awesome opportunity for you to get involved in the first permanent bottle recall.

Septic-Safe Products

We aim to make septic safe products more available to the community. Most of the products sold at the supermarket can harm the microorganisms in your septic tank - but not ecostore! Ecostore has had its products independently tested to make sure you can use them if you have a septic tank or greywater system. Their products carry the; Enviromark Diamond, CarboNZero certifications and are cruelty free as well as GE child labour free. LOVE THAT!

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