FREE Waste Free Parenting Workshop

June 2022 – Waiheke community workshop (1)-1

Leave your kids on a nicer planet, its as easy as “Doing 1 Thing”.

Come to this FREE workshop and be inspired, entertained, and educated. Kate will give you lots of laughs and encouragement and may challenge your thinking when it comes to what you need when you become new parents. You can also receive a subsidised goodie bag for $5 if you attend this workshop. The contents are worth $40 and include a reusable nappy.

The question is… Why do we have a waste issue? Can we continue to think it is not our problem? Or will you take the challenge and change one small thing to make a difference?

In order to turn back the clock, even just a fraction, we need to do something… but what is it and where do we start? We start with doing ONE thing!

Become part of the solution, and learn about awesome tools such as cloth nappies and much more!

“Kate does not preach she inspires. I learned so much and she made me realize there is no need to be perfect we just need to all do something” (WORKSHOP ATTENDEE)