Housing Forum

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Waiheke Community Housing Trust Housing Forum

The forum will address Waiheke’s housing crisis and encourage locals to submit ideas and solutions to the Draft Area Plan. This is a 30 year vision to help shape the future of Waiheke and will inform a process to bring the islands fully within the scope of the Auckland Unitary Plan which provides the overall policy framework and rule book for development in Auckland.

Paul Carew – Waiheke Community Housing Trust
Ian Burrows – Hauraki Gulf Conservation Trust
Wendy Baverstock – Isleland Planning
Claude Lewenz – Assoc for Prefabricated Mobile Trailer Homes
Sue Watson – Trustee Community of Refuge Trust
Anne Bailey – Director Co-operacy

The panel will start the session covering issues such as affordable housing, intensification, tiny houses, co-housing, senior housing, minor dwellings and balancing the need for housing with protection of the environment.

Come and along for a listen over a bowl of soup and bring your great ideas!