Waiheke’s World of Food visits The Czech Republic

WWF Czech PosT

Try something completely different at Waiheke’s World of Food Visits The Czech Republic – you won’t believe how delicious Czech cuisine can be! Czech native Denis Brauner will teach us to make plant-based versions of classic Czech specialities like Svíčková – steamed dumplings (kneidlicki) with a rich, creamy vegetable sauce and home-made seitan; Jogurtova Babovka – ‘Grandma’s’ Marble Bundt Cake – and more (to be announced).

We recommend coming for the cooking lesson at 4 but if you can’t make it you are very welcome to come at 6 just for the meal. Note – we will stop letting people in at the 50 person mark this time to make sure everyone is well fed! So arrive on time to avoid disappointment 🙂

These evenings are a kid-friendly, social and super fun, as well as a great way to learn about plant based cuisine. Keep an eye on this event for more info as it comes to hand!