Yoga with Liz Ross


Yocology – uniting our inner and outer ecologies through the practice of yoga.

Each Wednesday morning, community yoga classes are hosted at the Sustainability Centre. Possibly the best first step that any of us can take to contribute to changing, healing, loving and harmonising the planet is simply to bring ourselves into a state where we embody the energy of the positive change, healing, love and harmony we wish to see in the world. Liz has trained with Svastha Yoga Aotearoa and offers a mindful movement yoga practice that fosters an inner inquiry through a focus on the relationship between the body and breath.

Bring your own yoga mat. These are classes based on koha (donation) determined by what you can afford or would like to offer in exchange.

Before coming to a class, please complete the registration form here.

“It is only by finding the divine within you that you can find the meaning, energy,hope and power to go on and transform your world”
Andrew Harvey, Sacred Activist