Frans Hooijmans

WRT Intern

My name is Frans Hooijmans, 20 years old and I am currently working as an intern at the WRT. This internship is part of my study Geo Media & Design at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. I chose to do my internship in New-Zealand because of its varied nature and environment. When I arrived on Waiheke Island I was directly very impressed. It has a scenery and strong community that’s really unique that I haven’t experienced before.

The WRT plays an important role in this by helping the Waiheke community with living sustainable and to keep the island as beautiful as it is now. It is great to be part of that and it will allow me to gain valuable experiences.


Living and working on Waiheke Island have been a great experience for me. The island is beautiful and has a really nice community. The WRT is an lovely place to work with a great staff, they do great work for sustainability and the environment on Waiheke. During my internship I got involved in various WRT projects which was very exciting. I had a great time during my internship at WRT and want to thank the staff for that.