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Waiheke Neighbours Day: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th April 2021

Waiheke Resources Trust is running Neighbours Day, with support from the Waiheke Local Board, for the first time on Waiheke Island and we've added our own Zero Waste theme.

What is Neighbours Day?

Neighbours Day got started in Aotearoa over a decade ago as a way of connecting local people and building resilience within communities.

Kiwis understand about being prepared and pulling together, particularly in the last year with the arrival of Covid-19 and related lockdowns. But communities change all the time as people come and go, especially on Waiheke, making it important to stay connected and support each other. Find out more about Neighbours Day Aotearoa.

There are big and small ways to connect with your neighbours - it doesn't all have to be street parties and BBQ's.

What's happening on Waiheke?

Celebrations happen in autumn and on Waiheke, Neighbours Day 2021 will run on the weekend of 17th-18th April.

We are encouraging households to host an event for their neighbours. This could be a picnic on the lawn, a BBQ in the back yard or pizza and chips on the deck. The important thing is that the event is hosted by neighbours for neighbours and introduces you to new people.

These mini events forge connections that help to create year-round supportive actions and friendly, safer communities. Be part of a national network of events and everyday activities that bring people together in their neighbourhoods.