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Protecting water and the environment

  • The Love Our Wetlands project takes practical action to restore wetlands.
  • The Waiheke Waterways project locates and investigates the cause of stream contamination and provides community education as a solution.
  • The Marine Education Initiative teaches and inspires young people about wetlands ecosystems and their coastal environment.

Strengthening community and reducing waste

  • Kai Conscious food rescue creates 'tummy-fill, not land-fill' and teaches cooking and kai gardening.
  • Zero Waste enables businesses and community to reduce waste and learn about positive waste management.
  • Compost Co. demonstrates the circular economy in action; collecting compostables and food scraps from businesses and turning it into nutrient rich compost for sale.

Explore our projects


We run workshops, stock composting systems and collect food scraps and biodegradables from businesses which we turn into compost for sale.

Kai Conscious

Kai Conscious is all about food, bringing people together and zero waste. Find out how you can be Kai Conscious.

Kai Gardens

Teaching how to germinate and propagate seeds, and growing seedlings to increase Waiheke's food resilience.

Zero Waste

Planning an event? Talk to us about making it Zero Waste.

Love our Wetlands

Restoring and protecting Waiheke's wetland habitats and surrounding areas.

Waiheke Waterways

Restoring local streams so that they meet our environmental, social and cultural values

Marine Education Initiative

Collaborating with Sustainable Schools develop student-led action that restores and protects our local marine environment.

Beach Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors help visitors to enjoy Waiheke beaches sustainably.

Waiheke Resources Trust is aligned with 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

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banner of icons that represent WRT

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