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Love Our Wetlands Waiheke works with the local community and volunteer groups towards the ecological restoration and protection of seven significant wetland habitats on Waiheke Island –  Te Matuku, Te Whau, Matiatia Headland, Rangihoua, Okahuiti, Te Huruhi Bay and Owhanake.
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Million metres June 2018
The project started in 2015 and uses a volunteer workforce consisting of local schools and community groups, individuals and families at planting days and corporate teams.

Volunteers have been working with the Waiheke Resources Trust on removing invasive weeds from the wetlands and planting native trees. The support of volunteers and the Waiheke community plays a huge part in the success of the project.

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Why are wetlands important?


Wetlands are one of our richest natural resources, here are just some of the reasons why we love our wetlands!

Wetlands are like the kidneys of the earth. Wetlands improve water quality, they help to process nutrients, trap sediment & soils & filter contaminants for the water as it flows from the land out to the ocean.

Wetlands trap carbon. The peet bogs found in wetlands mean that any fallen tree and plant debits can lay undisturbed for centuries trapping the carbon in the bog.

Wetlands reduce flooding effects. They act like sponges sucking up water during floods and releasing it in drought.

Wetlands are a nursery and habitat to many rare and endangered bird, fish & plant species. More species of wildlife inhabit a wetland than bushland the same size.

In New Zealand only 10% of wetlands remain. Being an island community we are more connected to the waterways and the ocean that surrounds us. If you would like to be involved in the restoration work happening in your community click here.

2,500+ volunteers, 9,000+ volunteer hours & 18,000+ eco-sourced native trees planted!

The Love Our Wetlands Waiheke project welcomes groups from around New Zealand looking to engage with environmental community projects.

We are able to assist with planning your travel to and around Waiheke, and can also arrange visits to local vineyards or attractions should you wish to make the most of the visit.

With the help of our generous sponsor Fullers we are able to offer volunteer groups 50% discount on adult return ferry travel. Nice one Fullers!!

Once on the island our knowledgeable Volunteer Coordinators will meet your group at Matiatia Wharf and journey out to one of the 4 Wetlands - Te Matuku, Rangihoua, Te Whau & Matiatia. Once at the wetland the day will be spent planting, removing weeds, learning about local history, native plants, animal and fish species and all about our amazing natural resources - Wetlands!

To book a volunteer day email or click here.

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Volunteer group 23rd March 2018
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Million metres June 2018
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In 2017 with the help of the Million Metres Streams Project and hundreds of generous donors we were able to raise $43,000 to further restore 1483 metres of the Rangihoua Wetland. With this funding we were able to plant more than 2,500 square metres and 1483 metres of waterway with 1,020 more native trees, including Manuka, Kanuka, Totara, Puriri, Kowhai and Harakeke.

In 2019 we fundraised again with the help of Million Metres and Seventh Generation. This funding enabled us to restore 758 metres of the wetland with 2,700 native plants and trees over the winter. We were able to raise over $27,000 by June of 2019 in addition to out fundraising in previous years.

To donate follow the link to Million Metres campaign page and Seventh Generation will match fund your donation!

Million Metres is a fantastic project highlighting the importance of our waterways. A wonderful brain child of the Sustainable Business Network with the aim to plant 1,000,000 metres of NZ waterways!
We love you Million Metres! Thanks so much for looking out for our waterways in Aotearoa, for us and our future generations!
If you would like to support Million Metres and the work they do head on over to their website here.

In 2017 the Love Our Wetlands Waiheke project was very pleased to welcome our new sponsor Fullers. With Fullers' support we are able to offer subsidised ferry travel to community, school and corporate volunteer groups coming from off island.

This fantastic partnership with Fullers is enabling more volunteers to engage with the project which supports more trees, less weeds and the opportunity to host groups to experience Waiheke’s valuable natural resources.

We work closely with Volunteering Auckland and here is what they have to say about the benefits of engaging your employees in volunteer community projects.

Trees that count is counting all the native trees which get planted in New Zealand and also help to plant more. You can join and start making a difference!

WRT is working together with Trees that count. They sponsored 2.000 trees in 2018-2019 and 2.900 trees in 2019-2020 for our wetlands.

Benefits for the employer:

  • Volunteering provides an opportunity for your company to make a real difference in the community and initiate or further develop your Corporate Social Responsibility programme.
  • Volunteering gives staff an opportunity to contribute to the wider community, growing business loyalty and leading to a more positive internal environment, lowering staff turnover, and increasing motivation and productivity.
  • Volunteering is an effective branding and promotional strategy to raise public profile, it’s one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools for your business.
  • Volunteering strengthens both internal networks across teams and departments in the company and external networks in the community to open up business opportunities.
Benefits for the community:

  • Providing manpower to community projects to get important work done.
  • Potential to build resilience and capacity though providing valuable skills.
  • Opportunity to strengthen networks and form new relationships with businesses.
  • Opportunity to enlist new volunteers.

To learn more about Volunteer Auckland visit their website here

Join us as we restore the natural waters ways of Waiheke Island!

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