Stephanie Grootelaar

WRT Intern

I am Stephanie Grootelaar . I am a Dutch Environmental Science student at the HAS University of Applied Sciences. I chose the WRT because it forms a good place to expand my knowledge in the field of sustainability and taking care of the environment. I am contributing to Project Little Oneroa by investigating the effects of Effective Microorganisms (EM) in onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) and in the Little Oneroa stream. If I can collect enough evidence that the EM is safe to use, the WRT can get approval from the Auckland Council to support the Waiheke residents, that live within the catchment, to put EM into their water systems. By adding EM into their water system, the sludge level in the tank will reduce so that the system stays healthy and effective, and leakage and run-off to the stream will be prevented.


What makes an internship at the WRT so great is that they focus on a great variety of different topics that all contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. As an intern you can make your own contribution by helping Waiheke residents to follow a more sustainable lifestyle and by helping to improve the environment, making the island a better place to live.