Shared Resources at the Sustainability Centre

Waiheke Sustainability Centre Community Fridge


At the WRT, we love reducing food waste, and one way to do so is by sharing food within the community in a safety-conscious way. Kai Conscious Cafe is where people come once a week to cook and eat together, but we can share rescued and surplus food every day! We want to facilitate more frequent food donations and expand food sharing to the broader community. This helps to further reduce food waste and reinforce a supportive and ‘waste-not’ community mindset.

At the start of July 2019, we were able to purchase a community fridge for the Waiheke Sustainability Centre, thanks to a Waiheke Local Board grant.

Everyone is invited to take the rescued food in the fridge, collected from local businesses as well as placed there by individuals who have surplus product at home! If you have extra food items, you are welcome to bring it to the Sustainability Centre and leave it for other people to use (we have a table for food that doesn't need to be refrigerated in additioin to the community fridge).



If you've used the fridge, we'd love to hear about it! We have a short survey for you to fill out, asking about how often you use the fridge and how you heard about it. Please click through to answer a few questions - you can fill them out anonymously if you prefer.






Don't forget to let your friends and neighbours know about these free community resources!

Waiheke Sustainability Centre Bookshare


We have a bookshare box outside the Waiheke Sustainability Centre's front entrance!

Everyone is welcome to borrow books or add to the collection - the bookshare is open 24/7 so you can drop by at any time.