Community fridge and pantry

Positioned outside the Sustainability Centre, donate or collect free, rescued food
Kathy Voyles filling up the fridge with rescued food.

Kai Conscious community fridge and pantry

The community fridge and pantry was set up in 2019, thanks to grant funding from the Waiheke Local Board. Everyone is invited to take the rescued food, which we collect from local businesses three times a week, and that is also donated by households with surplus food in the kitchen or the veggie garden. The Kai Conscious community fridge and pantry helps to further reduce food waste and reinforce a supportive and ‘waste-not’ community mindset.

The fridge and pantry are emptied fairly quickly, so if you are in need of food, please pop into Waiheke Budgeting Service located at 6 Putiki Road opened on Tuesday 9-4, Wednesday 9-2, Thursday 9-2 and Fridays 9-2 pm

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lots of colourful fresh produce

Food resilience initiatives

There's lots happening in the food resilience space on Waiheke. Download our PDF which summarises opportunities to get involved in your area, including contact information, social media links and locations. You'll find some of our projects on the list, as well as many more!

hands picking fresh tomatoes off the vine

Donate your surplus produce

Is your gardening going so well that you've got lots of surplus? You can pickle and preserve to your heart's content, but you can also give to the community by donating your fresh fruit, veges and herbs to the Sustainability Centre community fridge. Check out our 1-page guide on best practice for donating kai and drop-off locations.

kai conscious cafe

Kai Conscious Cafe

Visit the Sustainability Centre on a Friday lunchtime and join a shared lunch prepared by our Kai Conscious cooks using rescued food from stores and eateries across Waiheke. Donate what you think it is worth, or what you are able, and contribute to reducing food waste and food poverty in our community.

Prashanti pic at compost co.

Get composting

We can help you get you started at home with workshops, support and composting products including Bokashi systems and worm farms. We even sell our own compost and crushed shells for the garden. If you're a business looking to manage food scraps and compostables sustainably, we want to hear from you too. Visit the Sustainability Centre for supplies or get in touch.

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Volunteers Love Our Wetland

Volunteers and internships

Join one of our amazing projects and reduce food waste, support our community or help restore our beautiful wetlands. There are plenty of activities to choose from and if you're more of an indoors person, there's lots going on in the Kai Conscious kitchen and WRT offices.

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garden beds outside the Sustainability Centre flourishing with flowers, beans, tomatoes, greens

Kai Gardens

Kai Gardens is a demonstration space at the front of the Sustainability Centre where we grow edible plants in raised beds and run composting workshops. We also have a greenhouse out the back where all our seasonal seedlings are raised and sold. The project supports food resilience and education on Waiheke, providing practical skills skills in growing food at home.


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