Community fridge and pantry

Positioned outside the Sustainability Centre, donate or collect free, rescued food
Kathy Voyles filling up the fridge with rescued food.

Kai Conscious community fridge and pantry

The community fridge and pantry was set up in 2019, thanks to grant funding from the Waiheke Local Board. Everyone is invited to take the rescued food, which we collect from local businesses three times a week, and that is also donated by households with surplus food in the kitchen or the vege garden. The Kai Conscious community fridge and pantry helps to further reduce food waste and reinforce a supportive and ‘waste-not’ community mindset. 

The fridge and pantry are emptied fairly quickly, so if you are in need of food, please also consider popping into Waiheke Budgeting Service located at no. 6 Putiki Road opened on Tuesday 9-4, Wednesday 9-2, Thursday 9-2 and Fridays 9-2 pm

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If you've used the fridge, we'd like to hear about your experience

We have a short survey for you to fill out, asking about how often you use the fridge and how you heard about it. Please click through to answer a few questions - you can fill them out anonymously if you prefer.