What the community has to say

We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.

- Bill Richardson

"My experience as a WRT intern definitely made me more aware of the environment, food waste, and recyling. For example, at home we started to recycle more waste. Also, I made it a habit for myself to use reusable cups and containers to bring my lunch. I even still use the WRT cup that I got as a present on my last day. They are small things on their own but can make quite an impact in the long run. Overall, it made me more conscious about how to live more sustainable, more than I was before the internship.

My internship at the WRT was an important part of my great time in NZ. The WRT team played an important role in that. They make you feel part of the team right from your first day, and do a great job in taking care of Waiheke Island. I am happy that I did my internship abroad at WRT."

-Frans Hoojimans, WRT intern

the now crowd

"Many, many thanks Waiheke Resources Trust. Everyone absolutely loved their time on Waiheke at the Rangihoua site. Thank you so so much to Kirsten and Kym for organising a fantastic impactful day for The Now Crowd."

- Holly, The Now Crowd

"A big thank you on behalf of WISCA and our pets for the use of the Sustainability Centre on Saturday. It has such a good vibe there, it’s bright and welcoming. Well done to you and your team who manage the centre."

-Roberta, Waiheke Anglican Church


"A big thanks from Waiheke Community Housing Trust to the Sustainability Centre. It has become our spiritual home since our formation in August. We draw great inspiration from your energy and boundless enthusiasm and optimism for making Waiheke a better place."

-Paul, Waiheke Community Housing Trust

"The WRT is a brilliant location for Crop Swap. We appreciate very much the WRT 'community group'
concession. It has allowed strangers to become friends
and knitted together a new and growing community fabric! Very exciting!"
-Myrle, Crop Swap

"Thank you so much for this opportunity to contribute. You and your team have been very welcoming and succeeded in getting the most out of our people to help throughout the day. The whole process was a clear success, thank you for your cooperation through all the preparation, we highly appreciate."

-Sarah, Hewlett Packard - Community Volunteer Group

"Working nearly 12 weeks in another country and speaking another language there is a pretty huge step.

WRT as working space is really lovely. You are not treated like an intern, you are part of the team.

I am from Hamburg / Germany and that is a very busy city. You work a lot and all people are really busy.
On Waiheke and here at WRT you work hard but with the benefit that you have nice people looking out for you.

Whenever you need support you will get it and whenever you like to experience anything special they give you the chance to get the experience.

Dare the big step in a new part of your life! You will never regret it!"

- Kai Duwe / Internship for 12 weeks

yoga mats

"We most definitely are enjoying the venue and the continuing changes, additions and improvements. But also the friendly, warm, community atmosphere and attitude of all the staff and visitors.

Over 28 years, I have hired a significant number of venues in Auckland, but this venue [...] would have to be the best!"

- Maria, Body Benefits